About Us

Departure, stagnation, hope, and anxiety – these are topics that the indie-rock band Small Strides deals with on their December 2019 EP Crossings. In their music, the four friends from Düsseldorf, Germany unite elements of alternative rock, electro, pop, and emo.

Death Cab for Cutie's stylistic bandwidth, Coldplay's hymnic relatability, as well as Radiohead's love of experimentation are important cornerstones of Small Strides' sound. Even in their live shows, they take it a step further and realize their vision with live-looping as well as their very own samples and synthesizers.

With every song, they rediscover new facets of themselves, constantly facing the decision of where to go next. „Crossings“ is only the beginning of a journey that could lead anywhere.

Léon GelinBass & Synth
Malin WeberDrums
Leo BernardVocals & Keys
Manuel TeschGuitar & Backing

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